Get inspired by these 8 must know raw, vegan, or vegetarian Instagram bloggers 


Eating well in a hectic world can be tough especially if juggling too many commitments ~  work, kids, pets, exercise, and more. It helps immeasurably if you can be super inspired by vegan or vegetarian food bloggers, many of which have instagram accounts with endless miles of drool-worthy photos and recipes of their own clean eating creations.

The following 8 instagram accounts/bloggers are just some of the many gorgeous and inspirational people out there making eating clean and healthy look fabulous! Take a peek at one or all to get inspired to nourish and love your body today! X

1. elsas_wholesomelife

Elsa from is a master of food styling and her insta account includes lifestyle photos of her in Santorini, picnic, floral images, regrams and more:

2. earthlytaste

Consuelo of creates mesmerizingly beautiful vegan delights including umpteen fruit platters, nice cream concoctions, and sweet treats like vegan turtle brownies and orange raspberry chocolate coffee cake. But it is her smoothie bowl photos that are really off the charts:

3. thecoconutgoddess 

Ashlee at is a genii of all things sweet. One glance at her insta and you’ll be craving every single one of her creations or regrams:

4. wifemamafoodie

I have long loved Joscelyn at for her inspiring recipes and gorgeous food styling and photography. This woman does delicious like nobody’s business:

5. panaceas_pantry

Kath and Jade at Panacaeas Pantry do raw so well, from their “kooka” cookies to bars and slices, smoothie bowls, and more:


Bo at makes sweet and savory things look prettier than they ever have before:

7. sobeautifullyraw

Sam at So Beautifully Raw is many things but a cake queen may top the list. Get ready to be amazed by her insta feed: 

8. thefitforkfeed

Lindsay from serves up lovingly crafted wholesome foods which include a good deal of savoury fare (many vegan bloggers post predominately fuit and smoothie based photos). 

All images subject to their respective owners specified above. 

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10 End of Summer Must-Have Cocktails


Even  though summer is drawing to an end, there is still nothing like a cocktail to hand at a brunch, beach, picnic, or BBQ. Many made with crushed and whole fruit and with herbs like mint and basil, you can almost convince yourself they’re good for you. So stir up an elegant vintage cut-glass decanter of one of these delicious cocktails today!

Fancy Fig Cocktail from Lindsey Brunk

Blackberry Margarita from izzieofficial/saloonbox

Boozy Basil Lemonade from

Blueberry Mojito from Jenny Chang

Red Currant Caipirinha from Olivia’s Cuisine

Meyer Lemon Lavender Mojito from Lindsey Brunk

Blood Orange Mojito from Chef Savvy

Skinny Blood Orange Pomegranate Margarita from Lindsey Brunk

Blackberry Thyme Sparkling Cocktail from Lark and Linen

Blackberry and Meyer Lemon G+T from Spoon Fork Bacon

And as a final note, for simpler mixed drinks a fun end of summer trick is to freeze edible flowers in ice cubes and use them in your drinks. Enjoy!