Design love: Illustration


What is it about pattern and design or illustration what stirs the creative juices in all of us? Since the dawn of time, illustration and design, especially when it reaches the level of art, has moved mankind to approach something of the mystical. It resonates with the soul and brings us closer to the divine. 

I have started to wonder if I was a tribal rug salesman in another life (joking, but kinda not)(see the glee I have for tribal rugs here: The It Rug: Tribal). I see illustrations or patterns and want to see them woven into rugs:

It could be heavier hand-knotted wool rugs or lighter works of art made from cotton that would be lovely hung on a wall:

Some designers already use Turkomen and other rugs and weavings such as suzanis to decorate walls:

Some illustrations are already incorporated into rug design:

The above designs could be styled in a myriad of ways: floor rugs in the living room, a child’s bedroom, or kitchen, hung on walls in entranceways or offices, or draped over furniture almost like a throw if lighter like cotton ones.

They would also make fabulous tiles, stove backsplashes, wall dots, and more.

How would you use the above designs? Comment below, I’d love to hear from you! X

(*all photos pinterest)

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