Little Details


It’s been awhile since I’ve posted thanks to being pretty heavily wrapped up in the world of Instagram and photography.

I don’t know if you use IG but if you, like me, find yourself entranced by unique images of art, architecture, landscapes, and unusual shots of everyday things, then Instagram is definitely for you!

Doorknob, Venetian Jewish Ghetto Water Fountain, Jardins di Boboli, Florence

It didn’t take long for me to realise two things: that I preferred unusual, arty shots of mundane objects (a plane tree up-light at Granville Island, Vancouver, or silvery, flashing pavement grids in Circular Quay, Sydney), but more importantly, that I had finally found a place where I no longer felt like a weirdo for loving the less than usual in the world.  Seed pods, rust, the undersides of bridges, manhole covers, it all spoke to me and for the longest time, thinking the rest of the world only appreciated a nicely captured sunset or orca sculpture, felt like an outsider because of it.

Granville Island Uplight Sydney Sidewalks

Then came Instagram, and with it, tens of thousands of people who loved rust.  Loved how nature takes the ordinary (a door, a window, a seed pod, a manhole cover) and transforms it into art.  Loved unique perspectives (a riot of pink cherry tree blossom cut through by heavy black barbed wire or the rubber tread of a wooden boardwalk, scarred by spray paint tagging, now long faded and beautiful).  And at last, I realised I was not alone in the world.  I was home.

Quirky things 1 Rusty Manhole Covers


Mysterieux 1

Something that has also come out of my obsession with IG has been, surprisingly, learning that although I love taking photos, it is the editing of them that is my bliss.  The worlds that can be uncovered in the simplest of editing tools!  Oh, if you too could find these things, dear reader.  A world where you feel as at home as though you have always belonged there.

Ancient Tomes Detail, horsehair ornament, Vernon, BC

All photos copyright Jennifer Jarvis, 2015.


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