Editorial: Todd Selby


If you, like me, are a big fan of quirky, colourful, unique, and well-shot images of interiors and people, then I bet you’re going to love Todd Selby, if you don’t already.

Selby is a renegade photographer who one could imagine, dared to shoot in a manner that interested him, not in a way that fit in with whatever was trending at the time. An eye for unusual angles, he started out taking photos of his friends’ apartments and putting them up online. This soon let to invitations from the hip-but-underground fashionistas (Lou Doillon et al), various designers, architects, and other sundry creative types into their homes to capture heretofore unheard of intimate portraits of their home lives.


As a fledgling photographer, I have often worried that my own work is not soft, pretty, or trendy enough. I started off well on Instagram but for every handful of followers I lost one or two, too. I finally asked a French IGer why she unfollowed me and she replied “your photograph style has changed”. This surprised (and admittedly, hurt) me – at least the images were still well-shot and produced! But I rallied and realised that, like me, there are many, many out there who revel in being a bit different, who are starting to realise they stand out from the crowd, and who are slowly but surely no longer afraid of that. Todd Selby is just such a person and shows us that success can come from daring to write your own story and from believing that story will resonate with others.

Another thing I like about Selby is that he asks each subject of his photo essays to describe, always in children’s marker pens, fun details about their life, or how they would imagine it. This adds another layer of playfulness and intimacy to his portraits and is something no-one else out there is doing or would perhaps ‘dare’ to do.


This one thing I am becoming sure of – be your own judge of what you want to see, read, hear, play with. And if you are true to that, you are guaranteed to find a host of others who will connect with what you are attempting to show them through your art. And this connection will be stronger and longer lasting than any fleeting trends may hold.

All photos shown copywrite Todd Selby and can be found on his site www.TheSelby.com


3 thoughts on “Editorial: Todd Selby

  1. What a great blog! Amazing topic choice. I totally agree. I’ve had some dropped followers as well. So brave of you to ask! The spammer I didn’t follow back I don’t miss, but it’s memorable when those I admire drop off. I have a sleep on it rule when it comes to emotional decisions as nothing is important unless it involves a hospital visit. Each time I’ve wanted to reach out and ask like you did, I’ve received some kind of gift overnight. Like, you showed up one of those times and wrote nice things to me. I was so filled with joy, I forgot about the unfollower. This taught me I must consider only the positive.
    About the Eye and the Style. I used to work in fashion. I had a great mentor. One day we were commenting on how no one was buying the new trend. Her ubiquitous sage advice, “The public hasn’t let their eyes get used to it yet. When their eye is familiar with this, they will buy it, they will buy it.” And they did, we were discussing Capri pants. I’m at TMi yet?
    I was reading an article about William Klein, the street photographer. His bio did NOT read: And he followed all the rules of photography and shot what made his mother proud of him. Keep snapping your way Jennifer, your photos are super cool.


  2. Your blog range true to me. We need to be our unique selves. Do something different. Don’t be smack dab in the middle of the crowd.
    We so often just see the same thing all the time. That’s boring. That’s why our eye eagerly greets something that shows individuality, spark, and yes, even something that’s outrageous.


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