Half way through Winter!


It’s August already and we’re already looking forward to summer days swinging around soon. I’ve been neglecting my blog lately in favour of buying a new rental property – so it’s time to get back online and start writing and finding gorgeous images and style ideas for you.

I get so excited at the idea of blogging, and admittedly jealous of the already wildly-successful bloggers out there. Just goes to show, get out there and do it – and if you have something interesting to say, or a good eye for design (etc), you may be able to join that excellent community of online exchangers of ideas, images, and words.

I feel a certain jealousy but also deep admiration for bloggers like A Beautiful Mess, Paper and Stitch, The Londoner, and SFGirlbyBay:








I keep thinking of emulating them in some fashion (for it is, after all, the sincerest form of flattery), but my fabulous online business marketing friend, whom is helping me learn how to market myself online, keeps gently admonishing me to find my own voice and my own way.

One of the things that interests me about the online shopping movement is that, just when you think a market has been fully captured, along comes a new website to prove you wrong.

Etsy is a case in point: I can’t help but wonder if the founders of this powerful and popular ‘DIY’ online shop site were told by their backers “Who do you think you are going up against eBay, Amazon, and the like?”. But look at them now, a well-branded, beautifully styled website which is a joy to browse, even if with no intention to buy:




Their catchphrase is “Shop directly from people around the world” a true realisation of globalization!

(*images above from the blogs and websites mentioned in the post*)


One thought on “Half way through Winter!

  1. Cold in New Zealand but hot here in the Okanagan Valley in Canada. But soon our summers turn to winter as your winter moves into spring and summer. Have you ever seen snow? Beautiful eye candy with fabulous lacy patterns of black and grey shades against a pure white snowy background. Snow on the evergreens. Now that’s eye candy.

    I like your flash tattoos. Easily removed. So many girls are having permanent tattoos over a large portion of their bodies. I think they will regret it at a future time.

    I enjoy reading your blog. You should have been a designer. You have a good eye. I’m surprised the glossies haven’t snapped you up yet. Essvee.


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