Fleeting Flowers


Have been a little bit obsessed with flowers lately – especially pastel, softly-lit ones. If they’re styled with a softly-painted and shabby chic footstool, or next to a silky sheer curtain and country window, so much the better. But bright, colour-popping bouquets, perhaps held against a bride’s waist, catch my eye, too.


There’s a lot you can do with flowers – they have a natural elegance that lends them to being styled with just about anything – mason jars, empty olive tins, ceramic jugs, even gumboots! I guess they’re like an international model that way – the ability to dress up even a paper bag comes effortlessly.

Some types of flowers, associated with a particular season, would make wonderful wallpapers. Like cherry blossoms – the people of Japan know well their charms. The impermanence of the blooms just makes them more fragile and fleeting and therefore, ultimately, unattainable and valuable.



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