Warming up as it’s cooling down


I can’t seem to stop searching for and pinning/tagging/posting images that use a combination of soft, Scandanavian styling, warm whites, pale browns, lashings of dusty pink, and animal hides in some form or other – be it buffalo, shaggy Icelandic sheepskin, or cowskin.  I’m not sure exactly what the attraction is – probably the texture and colour – but my boards and walls are peppered with photos like that.

Warming up 1Warming up 2Warming up 3

How about a giant fluffy buffalo pelt for in front of the fire?  They are considered to be eco-friendly as buffalo are farmed for their meat in the U.S., and the pelts otherwise would have been discarded.

Warming up 4

If the thought of warming up with something that used to belong to a sentient being bothers you, Ikea has introduced a line of faux sheepskin rugs:

Warming up 5Warming up 6

I can’t help but wonder if my original non-antipodean life, ten years past now, is still haunting me, because we’re rolling in to autumn down here in New Zealand and I can’t shake the desire to spring clean.  I’ve been happy with my home thus far, but finding images like these on Pinterest, etc, has motivated me to begin re-decorating:

Warming up 7Warming up 8Warming up 9

I love the look of this living room but would add a handful more tribal artifacts such as an Oceanic War Shield to the shelf or painting by Gloria Peytarre above it, and possibly a much-loved and more colourful killim rug:

Warming up 10Warming up 11Warming up 12


Warming up 13Warming up 17

And finally, to cheer up those long and cool winter nights, I’d add a splash of colour and perhaps fragrance with some fresh, summery flowers – to remind me that spring isn’t far away!

Warming up 14Warming up 15


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