Scandinavian Winter Dreaming


I love it when winter appears around the corner and our sense of what we like to see in colour, texture, and warmth naturally begin to change.

I think this is why I am being drawn to white palettes with smatterings of wood-grain greys and browns, some texture in the form of a sheepskin rug thrown over a mid-century chair or a softly-woven and faded ikat rug.  I have in mind a Scandinavian winter and see myself curled up by the fire with friends and mugs of hot cocoa and stacks of good magazines and books.

Scandi Winter 1Scandi Winter 6

My current office consists of a funky, worn 1970’s styled solid wood table with cool lines, placed in front of my large ranch slider windows and overlooking a vibrant orange garden.  I am trying to source some shaggy Icelandic sheepskin rugs, however, for warmth and comfort and something very lovely to look at:

Scandi Winter 2Scandi Winter 3

I’m normally a gal more for bold colours so I am surprised to find myself so attracted to the pales and whites these days.  I wonder if this happens to any of you – do your colour palettes change with the seasons?  I am still loving pops of soft and feminine pinks like this lovely polkadot glass filled with soft pink peonies.

Scandi Winter 4

Winter can be a good time to “zen-down”, as my sister calls it, too.  I’m finding myself clearing out the old items I never look at or don’t use anymore, to be donated to the thrift shops where someone else can make use of them.  I find myself much more able to generate a calm sense of presence when I’m not tripping over bags of magazines I never read, a stack of old towels I may eventually use to dry off my dogs, or those beat up old shoes I may just “one day” wear.

Once I finish my clearing out, I will have room for pretty items like this simple cut-glass bowl vase filled with simple spring buds in the palest of pinks. I hope that day comes soon!

Scandi Winter 5


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