Food for the Soul…


Waiting in a long lineup at the supermarket the other day, I picked up a Donna Hay magazine and began desultorily turning the pages. I’d heard of Donna before but nothing prepared me for the impact those photos and recipes had on my soul! I chanced upon the desserts page first, and nearly began drooling over her chocolate meringue cake.

Food Soul 1

Of course, I’m a sweets addict! And love to bake, too. Especially in the winter, when the warming oven helps heat our cold, uninsulated Kiwi homes…

Food Soul 2Food Soul 3

The few times I’ve made apple pie, I am reminded of the Victoria Museum in British Columbia, where a set of rickety stairs leads you up to a row of rooms done up the way early settlers would have lived in them. The rooms included windows with real curtains blowing in the breeze, the clippity-clop sound of hansome cabs and horses ‘outside’, and best of all, the kitchen managed to waft out the smell of freshly-baked apple pie!

Food Soul 4

But it’s not all sweets and indulgence in the household here; we roast free range chook in Moroccan spices, check recipes on pinterest for curries and za’atared eggplant, and dabble at homemade breads from time to time (true secret – us and instant yeast do not usually get along! I can never get it to rise…)

Food Soul 5Food Soul 6

Food Soul 7Food Soul 8



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